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Cloud technologies have become critical to tech-enabled businesses of all sizes. While the cloud has enabled efficient scaling, it has also created new layers of complexity as the number of technologies and choices in tech stack continue to evolve.

At RapidLoop, our mission is to allow dev teams to use their cloud infrastructure with confidence and ease. We are creating a suite of products to bring radical simplicity to DevOps in the areas of cloud infrastructure deployment and monitoring.

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From launching new products to managing scaled solutions serving millions, we’ve been there, on the front lines. We know how important it is to cut through the clutter to deliver. Radical simplicity is our passion.

Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and COO

OpsDash listed as one of the “Top 10 Tools” in performance monitoring by StackShare!


OpsDash SaaS: OpsDash is a next generation solution for monitoring servers, services, and databases. It includes a smart agent (single binary, zero dependency) for fast setup with built-in statsd and graphite daemons. OpsDash provides curated dashboards, supports custom metrics, and includes spam-free alerting and notification.

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Self-hosted OpsDash: OpsDash is available as a self-hosted solution for monitoring servers, services, and databases. OpsDash is lean, mean and easy to deploy. OpsDash self-hosted is free for up to 5 servers and 5 services. Or signup for a 30-day free trial and check it out across your entire deployment. Join hundreds of users around the world!

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